Cork or Corcaigh Seaport is situated in Munster, Ireland.

It is located on Ricer Les, which is present at the top of Cork Harbour. Cork is the second most important and largest conurbation in the Irish Republic. This city is independent administratively.

The old city centre is located on the island of Lee, originally it is near St. Fin Barre’s Cathedral. Its monastery of the 7th century attracts most of the votaries and students. Cork has its educational institutions including University College Cork and the Institute of techniques, which is the only college of nautical in the country that incorporates other colleges including Art And Designs’ Crawford College, Regional Technical College, and Cork Music School.

This city has a flourishing cultural life. People belonging to this city are more into arts and crafts. They have created different institutes to promote their cultural values by teaching arts, music, and dances. In other fields, other educational institutions are also present but the major focus of its people is on their cultural arts.

It has the Crawford art gallery, Cork Opera House which is a theatre, the Triskel an art centre, Cork Public Museum, and many other art galleries and bookshops. West Cork is known for its artistic work, it is known as home to foreign and indigenous writers and artists.

There are many centres of dance development and several craft shops, which show the artistic culture of the city. There is a covered market, which is Cork’s most remarkable attraction. It has many food specialities including traditional meats, fish stalls, and poultry. This city is also known as the foodie capital of Ireland, as their traditional food culture is much promoted in this city. Europe’s one of the prime natural harbours is Cork Harbour.

In 1720, this harbour facilitated the founding of the World’s first Yacht Club. In the exterior part of the city, an international airport is situated. This city is considered a gateway to Southwest Ireland for visitors. The regional economy is contributed by tourism. The city has different industries, formerly dominated by automobiles and tractors but now the leading industries are petrochemicals, electronics, and pharmaceutical industries.